Product review: BD Clean detailing products

Disclosure: I received review samples of the products mentioned in this post from BD Clean. I did not receive any payment and I was not required to write a positive review.

BD Clean is a new name to me, and a relatively new entrant to the car cleaning and detailing market. This Birmingham-based firm was founded by a group of car detailing fanatics who also provide a full detailing service in the West Midlands area. So when BD Clean got in touch recently and asked if I’d like to try out some of their products, I was keen to find out more.

I should point out that there will be a second part to this review at some point. The products I’ve tested so far were on my wife’s car, which is relatively new and clean. I’ve also got an old van that needs cleaning up and will provide a more demanding test. Updates and more pictures to follow.

Getting back to BD Clean, the products I’ve tried so far are:

  • Glass Cleaner
  • Shampoo
  • Interior Dressing
  • Exterior Dressing
  • Wheel Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

Alloy wheels always pick up a fair amount of road dirt and brake dust. Cleaning them with a decent wheel cleaner rather than just car shampoo makes it easier to remove all the grunge and bring the alloys back to life.

BD Wheel Cleaner comes in a 500ml spray action bottle which should be big enough for at least 10-12 cleans, perhaps more. It’s quick and easy to use and did a decent job, as these pictures hopefully show:

Alloy wheel before cleaning
My car’s wheel before cleaning
Washing wheel with BD Wheel Cleaner
Getting lathered up with BD Wheel Cleaner — simply spray on and then agitate and scrub with a wheel brush or sponge.
Alloy wheel after cleaning with BD Wheel Cleaner
The end result.

BD Wheel Cleaner seemed to work well, although once the wheels were clean I did notice that a couple of tar spots had been left behind. These might have come off with more thorough scrubbing, however.


BD Shampoo has a pleasingly fruity smell and an amazing neon orange colour. More importantly, it’s very thick and you only need a small amount for each bucket of soapy water. Using the full dosage listed on the label, I reckon I’d get about 20 buckets from one 500ml bottle. At £7.99 a bottle, this seems fairly reasonable. This product can also be used in a snow foam gun, but BD Clean do also sell a separate snow foam product.

The shampoo provided a decent amount of foam and seemed to do a good job of removing the usual road dirt. Once rinsed off it was easy to dry to a smear-free finish.

It’s worth explaining that like many of BD Clean’s products, this shampoo has a neutral pH level. It has been designed to be safe to use on matte and vinyl-wrapped cars, as well as standard paintwork.

Interior & Exterior Dressing

Exterior plastic trim tends to fade and discolour over time. Similar problems can affect interior plastics, which often lose the shine and lustre they had when new.

BD Clean’s interior and exterior dressing products are designed to rejuvenate tired looking plastic. We gave it a try inside and outside, with decent results. Here’s a before and after shot of some exterior trim on my test car:

Using BD Clean Exterior Dressing
Before and after shots. You can see how the right-hand section of plastic has been improved with an application of Exterior Dressing

Exterior Dressing (£8.99): The exterior dressing is a smells like cherry pop and is a red liquid. To apply it, we put some onto a microfibre cloth and then rubbed it evenly in to the plastic before buffing it lightly. It’s a quick and easy process, although you need to be careful not to get it onto paintwork or glass.

Interior Dressing (£8.99): The interior dressing is rather different. It a thick mixture that’s a bit like hair gel, with a pleasant lemon smell. My one comment is that if the this product was any thicker, it would be hard to get it out of the bottle. A container with a wider lid might make it easier to use.

Applying the interior dressing was similar to the external product. Put some onto a cloth, rub it evenly onto your interior plastics and allow to dry. We found it improved the colour and provided a slight sheen, without being shiny. A light buffing may help.

Glass cleaner

The last product I used for this review was BD Clean Glass Cleaner. This didn’t really get much of a test, as the windows were clean from washing and it’s not yet insect season — always a good test for a glass cleaner.

However, it was easy and quick to buff the windows and wing mirrors to a smear-free finish, so I was happy.

Final thoughts

The BD Clean products I’ve tried so far all seemed to work well. Pricing seems to compare reasonably well with other mid-premium branded products.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the dressing products can transform the scuffed and faded plastic on my 15-year old van.

I also still have one product left to try — BD Clean Fallout Remover. This is another pH neutral product that’s designed to remove “all iron contaminates, lime deposits and other dirt from your paintwork”. I’m hoping it will help remove the soot stains on the tail doors of my old van, plus various other marks. I’ll let you know how I get on.

So far, so good with BD Clean. My trial wasn’t especially demanding, but the products all coped well.

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