Product review: BD Clean Fallout Remover (…or how to get that roof clean)

BD Clean Fallout RemoverDisclosure: I received review samples of the products mentioned in this post from BD Clean. I did not receive any payment and I was not required to write a positive review.

This is a brief follow-up to my recent review of some of BD Clean’s car detailing products.

One product I received but didn’t try out in my original review was BD Clean’s Fallout Remover. According to the company’s website, this is designed to “remove all iron contaminates, lime deposits and other dirt from your paintwork.”

Fallout Remover sounded like a good starting point for cleaning the roof of my old campervan, which has spent most of the last year under a tree and was embarrassingly dirty.

Here’s how the roof looked to start with:

Dirty van roof in need of clean
It’s a bit grungy. I really should have cleaned it a long time ago…

Like most of BD Clean’s range, Fallout Remover is a pH neutral product that’s safe for your paintwork and — although this may not be the official view — is reasonably kind to your skin. As with most of the firm’s products it smells quite nice and is easy to apply as it comes in a 500ml spray bottle.

I was pretty generous with the Fallout Remover, but I hardly made a dent on the bottle. I’d imagine one bottle will last a fairly long time.

Applying the product is simple. Spray the area affected, leave it to settle for a few minutes and then wipe/scrub clean with a sponge and rinse.

I found that this product generated a lot of foam. A thorough rinse was necessary in order to remove all the foam and reveal the clean paintwork.

Here’s how the roof looked after a thorough clean with Fallout Remover:

Van roof after cleaning with BD Clean Fallout Remover
The same van roof after cleaning with BD Clean Fallout Remover

Much of the dirt would have come off with car shampoo, but it’s probably fair to say that it came off much more easily and completely with the Fallout Remover.

Although some long-standing soot marks were left on the roof, it was otherwise remarkably clean and smooth after the Fallout treatment. Could be a good product if you regularly deal with very dirty vehicles or have a lot of problem with bird deposits.

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