Product Review: Muc-Off Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner

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In my recent review of Muc-Off car cleaning products, I mentioned that I’d also received a bottle of Muc-Off Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner to review – but needed a suitable set of alloy wheels to try it on.

I’ve now found my wheels and cleaned them – so here’s the review.

Muc-Off Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner (£6.99, 1 litre)

Car wheels tend to get pretty dirty, thanks to a combination of road dirt, brake dust (dust from your brake pads, created when you use the brakes) and general grime. Alloy wheels suffer more than steel wheels, especially from brake dust, which can be hard to remove.

Regular washing with car shampoo will help, but a specialist wheel cleaner can do a better job in getting it all off – hence why professional car valets always use it as part of their car wash routine. Like the other Muc-Off products I’ve used, Wheel Cleaner is biodegradable and is safe to use on all types of wheel, including plastic wheel trims. It comes in a 1 litre spray container which costs £6.99. A 5 litre refill is also available.

In Use

The instructions for use are pretty simple:

  1. Wet the wheels
  2. Spray each wheel with wheel cleaner and leave for 3-5 minutes
  3. Sponge or brush each wheel
  4. Rinse thoroughly to remove the wheel cleaner

After wetting and spraying the wheels, I found that the dirt and brake dust came off very easily with a sponge. In fact, so much dirt came off my test car’s wheels that I had to keep rinsing the sponge in clean water.

Using a sponge to get the brake dust and dirt off
After spraying with wheel cleaner, the dirt simply wiped off with a sponge – no scrubbing required

Once I’d finished, I just hosed down the wheels and then wiped them dry with a rag.

In reality, if you used this regularly you could just include it in your standard car washing routine – wet the car, spray the wheels, shampoo the car and then rinse the whole lot off. I cleaned the wheels as a standalone task to make the test as fair as possible. I hardly made a dent on the one litre bottle with this wash – one bottle should last ages.

The Results

The results were very impressive. My test car was 10 years old, with 150,000 miles on the clock – so its wheels have been exposed to a serious amount of brake dust, grime and salt over the years. The wheels had never previously been washed with anything except standard car shampoo, so I was looking forward to seeing the difference.

Dirty wheel before using Muc-Off Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner
Alloy wheel after cleaning with Muc-Off Wheel Cleaner
After… Wheel Cleaner cleans the tyres, too!

The Muc-Off Wheel Cleaner transformed the wheels. As well as getting them really clean with almost no effort, it really brought back the original colour and sheen of the alloys. Everyone who saw them was impressed.

Final Thoughts

Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner is another great car-cleaning product from Muc-Off. Highly recommended for alloy wheels.

Buy Muc-Off Nano Tech Wheel Cleaner on eBay (eBay⇒) and Amazon (Amazon⇒).

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