Product Review: PureX LSP Liquid Spray Polish

Spautopia PureX LSPDisclosure: I received free review samples from Spautopia for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and was not required to submit a positive review.

My recent delivery from Spautopia also included a bottle of PureX LSP liquid spray polish, which the company claims can be used on all exterior surfaces and which will provide a shine on shiny surfaces, like paintwork and glass, and a matt, original look on other surfaces, such as unpainted plastic.

All of this sounds great and suggests that PureX LSP is similar to a detailing spray – providing a fast, wet-look shine without the effort of a traditional polish.

Introducing PureX LSP

According to Spautopia, PureX LSP is water-based and will not stain trim or leave any residue, does not contain silicone or wax, is non toxic and is biodegradable.

I’m not sure what it does contain, but it does not smell too bad and washes off your hands easily enough once you have finished using it.

PureX LSP uses ‘AquaXpel Technology’ to seal exterior surfaces. The idea is that small particles from the spray will fill the surface imperfections on your vehicle’s paintwork, providing a smooth, protective layer that looks good and will help prevent contaminants like bird mess and insects sticking to the paint. It is also supposed to remain active after it has been applied, meaning that rain water should bead off and dry without leaving marks.

In Use: PureX LSP

I had just finished washing my campervan so decided to give the whole exterior the PureX LSP treatment. On this vehicle, that means four distinct types of surface:

  • Paintwork
  • Glass windows
  • Plastic motorhome windows
  • Unpainted black and grey plastic (bumpers & mirrors)

Applying PureX LSP is simple, following the same routine as other similar sprays I’ve used:

  1. Spray on
  2. Wipe the area down with one cloth
  3. Buff to a shine with a second, dry cloth

I used a microfibre cloth for both stages and found that the product was very easy to use and buffed quickly and easily to an impressive shine that left the paintwork feeling glassy-smooth – nice. Windows – both plastic and glass – shined up easily too, giving a pleasing, smear free result.

Here are a couple of example pictures after polishing with PureX LPS:

Van Paintwork after polishing with PureX LSP

Reflection in motorhome window after polishing with PureX LSP
Believe it or not, this is a reflection from a plastic motorhome window

The grey and black plastic bumpers and mirror casings looked slightly smarter when I had finished polishing them, too. Spautopia’s claim that PureX LSP will help matt surfaces “retain their original look” is pretty fair – it won’t restore badly faded or scuffed plastic, but it does leave it looking clean and evenly coloured. Verdict

The best part of my review of PureX LSP came about ten minutes after I’d finished polishing – the heavens opened and it rained steadily for a couple of hours. This gave me the perfect opportunity to see how well it dried – does PureX LSP really “repel water”?

In this case, the answer seems to be yes. The rain is drying without leaving any watermarks at all – the shine is intact. It will be interesting to see how well this finish lasts between washes.

PureX LSP is easy and fast to use and provides a gorgeous wet-look shine. It leaves paintwork feeling silky smooth and works well on glass and plastic, too.

Buy PureX LSP online from Spautopia (£11.50 / 500ml)

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