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Turtle Wax is one of the best-known and oldest names in car cleaning. Indeed, the company’s Original Liquid Wax was the first car polish I ever bought, back when I had my first car.

Turtle Wax’s newest range is ICE – a range of products built around a new synthetic clear wax that leaves no white residue on plastic or rubber and that can be used in direct sunlight or on hot cars. These two features give the ICE range a clear practical advantage over the majority of car polishes and waxes, which do leave white marks on plastic and can’t be used in direct sunlight or on hot bodywork.Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax kit

The key question, of course, is how well do they work?

Turtle Wax were recently kind enough to send me a selection of ICE products to review for Simple Motoring:

  • ICE Shampoo
  • ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax
  • ICE Synthetic Paste Polish
  • ICE Microfiber Wash Mitt
  • ICE Microfiber-Max Drying Towel

To try them all out, I found a dirty car and worked my way through each product in turn.

Tested: ICE Shampoo (500ml, £7.99) & Wash Mitt (£10)

Turtle Wax ICE ShampooThe ICE Shampoo is biodegradable and pH balanced. This should mean, respectively, that it can safely be poured down most drains and is good at releasing all sorts of dirt from your car’s paintwork. Like most premium car shampoos, it also includes gloss ingredients that are meant to give your car that ‘just waxed’ look. So does it work?

It’s simple enough to use. Measure out the prescribed number of capfuls (simple instructions on bottle) into your bucket of warm water and away you go. The wash mitt has two sides – one for regular washing and one for removing insects and the like from your paintwork. It seems to work well and is a definite improvement over my usual sponge, allowing a thorough, even washing of the car.

Turtle Wax ICE Microfiber Wash MittResults

The ICE Shampoo did a decent job and definitely lived up to its claim of providing a ‘just waxed’ look.

I was impressed with the mitt and will start using one regularly. My only reservation with this one was over how long it will last. After just one wash, I noticed that some of the stitching joining the lining to the cuff was coming undone. It also doesn’t keep your hands dry as it states on the packaging – but really, who cares?

Tested: ICE Microfiber-Max Drying Towel (£15)

Turtle Wax ICE Microfiber-Max Drying TowelI’m a big fan of microfibre clothes and use them a lot. I have several – and one of the reasons for this is that they can become waterlogged after a while, at which point they stop working as a drying cloth until they have dried out.

The solution to this is to get another cloth – or to get a bigger one. Turtle Wax has taken the latter route – the ICE drying towel is by far the biggest microfibre cloth I have ever seen.

It was excellent in use – its 5.5 square feet of surface area was more than man enough to dry the whole car in one go. A great accessory.

Tested:ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax (500ml, £12.99) & ICE Synthetic Paste Polish (227g, £19.99)

I had been sent a bottle of ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax and a tub of the ICE Synthetic Paste Polish, but having read the labels carefully, both products appeared to have the same purpose and promise the same results. I assume that the reason they both exist is to allow car owners to choose between a hard polish and a liquid polish.

I’m afraid my dedication did not extend to polishing two cars at once, so I decided instead to polish part of one car with the liquid wax and part with the paste polish. This would show up any differences in use or results between the two and provide an interesting comparison.

Bonnet after waxing with Turtle Wax ICE wax
Half the bonnet was done with liquid wax, half with paste polish. We couldn’t tell the difference.

One of the main features of the ICE wax/polish products is that they do not leave white residue on plastic or rubber and can be used on all parts of your car except the glass and wheels. They can also be used in direct sunlight or on hot bodywork. Most regular polishes do make white marks and can’t be used in hot conditions – so these are significant practical advantages.

Both the liquid wax and the paste polish came with sponge applicator pads and a small microfibre cloth for buffing to a shine, meaning that you get everything you need included in the packet.

ICE Synthetic Paste Polish

Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Paste PolishThe paste polish comes in a cylindrical tub and is hard and dry. To use it, you moisten the applicator pad with water, rub it on the polish, and then apply it in a thin, even layer to your car’s paintwork.

Once it has dried to a haze, which takes a few minutes, you buff it up to a shine with the microfibre cloth. As with all hard polishes, some care is required to get an even coverage but it’s not too bad.

ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax

Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax kitMy bottle of ICE liquid wax had leaked slightly in transit, giving me a early introduction to this new product when I opened the packaging. All the polishes and liquid waxes I have used before have been white and creamy liquids. This stuff is thin, clear and very oily – quite different.

To use the liquid wax, you just pour a small amount onto the applicator sponge and then spread it evenly onto the paintwork. It is quick and easy to do and it is much easier to get even coverage than with the paste polish.

Like the paste polish, it dries after a few minutes and you then wipe off any excess and buff to a shine with the microfibre cloth.

Results – ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax vs. ICE Synthetic Paste Polish

Both the liquid wax and the paste polish buffed up to give a good ‘wet look’ shine and both gave the paintwork that lovely, slippery, ‘just waxed’ feel.

Car bodywork after waxing with Turtle Wax ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax
Just been waxed!

Neither product left any white marks on the plastic or rubber trim of the car, either; thumbs-up to Turtle Wax for that.

Once I’d finished, two of us looked at the bodywork to try and see if there was any difference between the finishes given by the paste polish and the liquid wax. Neither of us could see any difference at all. Both are good products but I would choose the liquid wax as it is easier and quicker to apply. However, it’s possible that the paste polish will provide a longer-lasting protective finish than the liquid; a good wax causes water to bead off and helps prevent dirt getting a hold on your paintwork, but this finish always wears off in time.

Final Thoughts

Turtle Wax seem to have created something new with the ICE range. The three products I tried worked exactly as described and were easy to use. Most people will appreciate the flexibility of the polish products – not having to avoid plastic and rubber speeds up application of the polish and it’s nice to have the choice of using it on hot or sunny days without needing cover.

ICE Shampoo: A good car shampoo that works well and dries easily to give a good, shiny finish.

ICE Synthetic Liquid Wax: A genuinely different product that is very easy and quick to use and will give your car’s paintwork a proper waxed feel and finish while making white marks a thing of the past.

ICE Synthetic Paste Polish: The paste polish works just as well as the liquid wax but I found it harder to use. A good choice for anyone who prefers hard polishes that might provide long-lasting protection than the liquid.

ICE Microfiber Wash Mitt: A great washing accessory that is more effective and versatile than a sponge. Not sure how long it will last, though.

ICE Microfiber-Max Drying Towel: Is this the biggest microfibre cloth on the market? It’s great for drying a whole car without getting waterlogged. A very useful accessory although perhaps a little expensive at its RRP of £15.

Turtle Wax ICE products are available at Halfords, Amazon (Amazon⇒) and eBay (eBay⇒)

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  • October 9, 2017 at 11:19 pm

    Hello I would like to place an Order or purchase Turtle wax ice synthetic car liquid wax or polish,
    I know it is Synthetic and clear and it used to be sold at stores but i don’t see it anymore. It leaves
    a slight haze but when buffed out it shines. Its an awesome product for me and I love it and willing
    to purchase a few bottles. Please tell me where I can get some.


  • June 15, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    Ice synthetic car wax I am trying to get some could you please help me find some please

  • January 17, 2021 at 4:16 pm

    I always use the ice synthetic liquid wax on my car and van….simple and fast to use…paint work and plastics come up new….10/10


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