Product Test: Power Maxed Car Cleaning Range

Power Maxed Car Wash after
The Power Maxed Car Wash & Wax gave a decent shine to my paintwork.

Disclosure: I received free review samples from Power Maxed for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and was not required to submit a positive review.

I was recently contacted by Power Maxed, a company selling a new (to the UK) range of car cleaning products, to ask if I’d like to review some of their products for this website. I’m always looking for easier ways to keep my car clean, so I accepted happily.

The three Power Maxed products I tested were:

  • Power Maxed Car Wash & Wax Ready To Use
  • Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover Ready To Use
  • Power Maxed Glass Cleaner

The Car Wash and Traffic Film Remover products are both available in concentrate form, so that heavy users can save money by buying in bulk and then diluting the product themselves into their own spray containers/wash systems.

Power Maxed Car Wash & Wax

Power Maxed Car Wash & WaxI hadn’t washed my campervan for a while, and it had a reasonable layer of road dirt, dust and bird droppings on it, as well as some oily marks that I’ll come back to in my Traffic Film Remover review.

Instructions for using the Car Wash are simple – spray it on, use a sponge (or wash mitt) to break down the dirt and create a foam, then rinse off and dry with a leather or a microfibre cloth. It feels strange at first to spray the Car Wash onto a dry vehicle, but it works well and the dirt wipes off, ready for rinsing.

The product foamed up very well and cleaned the car thoroughly with very little effort. Removing dried-on flies from the bonnet took some rubbing with a soapy cloth, but no more than with any other good quality car shampoo.

Overall, I thought the Power Maxed Car Wash did a good job at removing a mixture of dirt, black streaks, and flies and gave a decent, shiny finish, with very little effort. At £8.50 for a 1 litre container, it’s not bad value for a spray product, either.

Power Maxed Traffic Film Remover

Power Maxed Traffic Film RemoverIf you have ever washed a car by hand in summer, then you’ll know what a chore it is to scrub all the baked-on flies off the front of your car with a soapy cloth.

The reason this job is so annoying, of course, is because you are doing it wrong! What you need is traffic film remover, which is the trade secret that enables large bus and haulage fleets to emerge spotless from their yards every Monday morning, without requiring 24-hour cleaning operations.

Seriously, traffic film remover makes light work of removing flies and other baked-on crud from your bonnet, and it will also remove all sorts of oil-based marks, such as tar spots, the grey film that sometimes results from smoky diesel exhausts and other random oil and grease marks, such as those left behind by mechanics’ hands…

Power Maxed sent me Traffic Film Remover in a ready-to-use spray bottle, which was very convenient, and it worked superbly. My bonnet looked cleaner and shinier than it had done for a long time, and the back doors of my ageing campervan became white and shiny once more — the grey spots that seem to be caused by the exhaust just wiped off, even though they won’t budge with a normal shampoo wash.

Traffic film remover before and after
Traffic film remover before and after – all the grey soot spots and traffic film just wiped off, leaving a clean, shiny white surface (the first pic looks darker because of shadow, but the cleaning effect is real).

Power Maxed’s Traffic Film Remover seems to be a good example of this type of product and worked very well for me — it really is spray on, wipe off. Good stuff.

One word of warning: if you use traffic film remover, make sure it’s properly diluted. Using undiluted traffic film remover on paint will cause serious damage.

Power Maxed Glass Cleaner

Power Maxed Glass CleanerI freely admit that I’m a bit sad when it comes to cleaning windows and mirrors. I like them to be really clean, and I tend to clean them more often than I wash the rest of the car.

As a result, I’ve learned that not all glass cleaners are equal — some require more spray and more effort than others, iof you want a clean, shiny, and smear-free finish. Similarly, some glass sprays do a better job of beading-off rain water and drying without drop marks than others. Anyone who tells you that a supermarket own brand domestic window cleaner is just as good as a quality car glass cleaner spray is wrong, in my opinion.

In terms of cleaning ability, Power Maxed’s Glass Cleaner is one of the better products I’ve used. When I washed the rest of my campervan, I purposely left a couple of windows completely unwashed, so that I could give the Glass Cleaner a more thorough test than merely cleaning a newly-washed window.

The result was more than satisfactory — I only used a modest amount of spray, but a quick wipe removed all the dirt and left a smear-free, shiny finish. Similarly, getting a smear-free finish on the inside of the windscreen — a chore at the best of times — was also easy.

Overall, I was pleased with the Power Maxed Glass Cleaner. At £10.99 for a 1-litre bottle, it’s reasonably priced for a good quality glass cleaner, and one bottle will last a long time, as you only need to use it sparingly.

Visit for more information, including a directory of UK stockists and an online shop.

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