Book Review: Car Care Made Easy – The Ultimate Glovebox Companion

Car Care Made Easy The Ultimate Glovebox Companion by Alex Moss

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Cars are both more reliable and harder to fix than they used to be. The result of this is that drivers tend to know less about car care and maintenance than they used to. While this is understandable, the problem is that many modern drivers now believe that cars do not need any care at all between services. Unfortunately, this is wrong.

Despite all the clever electronics in modern cars, some common car problems have not changed for decades:

  • Oil and fluid leaks
  • Punctures and tyre damage
  • Blown light bulbs and fuses
  • Flat batteries

These problems often start out very small and if you catch them early, fixing them is often quick and cheap, too. If you do not spot them early, however, they can become large, expensive or dangerous problems.

Car Care Made Easy, by Alex Moss (£7.99)

The good news is that spotting minor problems with your car is usually pretty simple – if you know what to check. Car Care Made Easy by Alex Moss is the solution to this problem. It explains exactly how to carry out all common car care tasks, in plain English, with plenty of pictures. There is not a spanner in sight and the book is firmly aimed at car care, not car repair.

Car Care Made Easy covers everything from checking your car’s oil and coolant levels and tyre pressures to emergency procedures like jump starting and changing a wheel. It comes in a handy spiral-bound A6 format (approx. 15cm x 12cm) that is ideal for keeping in your glovebox. There is even a section where you can write all of your car’s details in one place (e.g. what type of oil your car needs) along with a record of servicing and maintenance dates.

Car Care Made Easy is quite simply a superb little book that does exactly what its title says and captures perfectly the spirit of Simple Motoring. I would love to have written it myself and would recommend it highly to anyone who wants to know how to take care of their car.

Car Care Made Easy is an ideal stocking filler – why not treat a friend or loved one to a copy for Christmas?

You can buy Car Care Made Easy on Amazon (Amazon⇒) or direct from the author at

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