Product Review: Turtle Wax Platinum Series

Turtle Wax Platinum Series - group shot of productsDisclosure: I received free review samples from Turtle Wax for the purpose of this review. I received no payment and was not required to submit a positive review.

As winter approaches, I usually like to give the body of my car (well, it’s a campervan) a proper polish with a good quality liquid wax polish.

I usually give it another polish in the spring, too. The rest of the year, it gets polished with detailing sprays, spray polishes and waterless wash products, depending on what I have to hand.

As winter wax time was fast approaching, I was very happy to receive a box of goodies from Turtle Wax through the post a few days ago – all taken from its Platinum Series cleaning products.

I’ve previously looked at Turtle Wax’s ICE synthetic products so was looking forward to trying these more traditional products.

Test Method

As the bodywork of my campervan is fairly well polished, I thought that I would use the roof as a test bed for the Performance Car Wash and Precision Car Wax products. Van roofs rarely get cleaned and mine is no exception – I only tend to wash it a two or three times a year and it has never been polished, ever (the van is ten years old).

For most of the Platinum Series products, I used the equivalent Autoglym product as a benchmark – Autoglym products may not always be the absolute best in class, but they are always pretty good, in my experience, and I often buy them with my own money.

(Click here for my car cleaning guide)

Platinum Series Performance Car Wash (500ml, £6.49)

The first Platinum Series product to be put to the test was the Performance Car Wash. This was measured into my bucket in capfuls before filling with warm water – a little goes a long way and this bottle should last most people a long time. With my wash mitt to hand, I was ready to begin.

The Performance Car Wash foamed up nicely and worked impressively well on the dull, dirty and bird lime-ridden roof of my camper. It cleared all the dirt without any difficulty and left it feeling very smooth and clean. It even gave the paintwork a hint of a shine – a decent achievement and a better result than I have ever got with any other car shampoo. Rating: 9/10
Easily one of the best car wash shampoos on the market.

Platinum Series Precision Car Wax (500ml, £10.99)

My roof restoration project continued by polishing the entire roof. This is not something that I have ever done before, and I’m pretty sure that the roof has never been waxed in its life. As a result, despite the thorough clean and slight shine given to it by the Performance Car Wash, it still looked pretty dull compared to the rest of the bodywork.

Roof before washing, after washing and after waxing
Good, better, best: From l-r, before washing, after washing and after waxing with the Turtle Wax Platinum Series products

The Platinum Series Precision Car Wax is a previous Auto Express award winner and contains Brazilian Carnauba Wax and Bavarian Montan Wax. Carnauba wax is highly rated amongst detailing (cleaning) enthusiasts and this product is also enhanced with lubricating polymers, which are supposed to help the product go on and buff off  smoothly and evenly.

So much for the theory – how is it to use?

The Precision Car Wax is certainly the thickest liquid polish I have ever used, but is none the worse for that. It is easy to apply evenly and buffs to an excellent shine without much effort. It also does a good job of removing minor scratches (the kind of faint lines you get around locks and door handles, for example).

Roof during polishing - before and after
While polishing the roof – waxed on the left, washed but unwaxed on the right

I polished half the roof with the Turtle Wax and the other half with Autoglym Super Resin Polish. There was no noticeable difference in the end result but I did feel as if I used slightly more of the Turtle Wax than the Autoglym – possibly because it is so thick. However, Turtle Wax is slightly cheaper, so it works out about even in cost/use terms.

I also polished the rest of the van with the Turtle Wax Precision Car Wax – it gave an excellent, deep shine. Very nice. Rating: 9/10
A quality wax polish that is easy to use and delivers a great finish.

Platinum Series Sparkling Glass Clean (500ml, £6.48)

I am a big fan of clean windows and mirrors and can often be found polishing them, even (especially) when on holiday…

I used the Sparkling Glass Clean to clean the inside and outside of all the windows in the van, including the (plastic) motorhome windows in the rear of the van. I also polished the mirrors and used it to wipe over the dashboard.

Turtle Wax’s recommended method for using Sparkling Glass Clean is to spray it on sparingly and then just wipe it over and remove the surplus with a paper towel (as clothes can contain chemicals and dyes that interfere with the polish). I’ve not used this method before but it worked very well and is much easier than buffing to get a smear-free finish. I found that it worked fine with a clean, white cotton cloth, too.

The Platinum Series Sparkling Glass Clean was a clear winner over my usual product (Autoglym Fast Glass) – not only was it easier and faster to apply, but it gave a slightly better result, too. It also dried perfectly without water marks after several heavy rainstorms while parked – it took road use to get the windows dirty again. Rating: 10/10
Fast, easy and a great finish – what’s not to like?

Platinum Series Revitalising Tyre Dressing (500ml, £7.49)

I have never been a big fan of tyre dressing and this was the first time I had tried it, so I was not too sure what to expect. I’m not a big fan of the shiny, wet-look finish that used car dealers tend to apply to their forecourt cars, so I was hoping for something a bit more tasteful and understated from the Platinum Series Revitalising Tyre Dressing.

This product comes in liquid form and is surprisingly pleasant – it looks and smells like liquid soap. It is easy to apply – put some on a cloth, rub it in and then leave for a few minutes before wiping off any excess.

A tyre before and after Turtle Wax Revitalising Tyre Dressing
One of my camper’s tyres, before and after using the Platinum Series Revitalising Tyre Dressing

The Revitalising Tyre Dressing gave a good finish, enhancing the blackness of the tyre and giving it a tasteful sheen without looking too OTT.

In terms of durability, after cleaning the van, I didn’t use it for a few days, during which time it rained a lot. The tyres still looked ‘dressed’ after the rain, but when I used the van for a 300 mile round trip (including more rain), the dressing was pretty much gone, except for a few blotches. Rating: 8/10
Easy to use and gave a tasteful finish. Perhaps not as long lasting as some.

Turtle Wax Platinum Series – Conclusions

I was impressed with all of the Turtle Wax Platinum Series products I tried. The Performance Car Wash and Precision Car Wax are certainly two of the best in their class and I really liked the Sparkling Glass Clean too. I will definitely buy some of these products for myself in the future.

Turtle Wax Platinum Series are widely available from Halfords, eBay and the like.

Note: I also received a bottle of Platinum Series Renovating Upholstery Cleaner which I didn’t manage to try on a vehicle, but I did try it on some carpet I was cleaning in my house. It worked well and its waterless spray-on, wipe-off formula makes it very easy to use without mess or extended drying times. Good stuff.

Thanks to Turtle Wax for the review samples. To find out more about Turtle Wax products, visit

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