Ring RAC630 12V Air Compressor Wins Auto Express Award

Ring Automotive RAC630 12V digital air compressorDisclosure: Links marked with (eBay⇒) or (Amazon⇒) are affiliate links. This means I get paid a small commission if you buy something after clicking on the links. This money helps to pay for the running of the website.

Back in November last year, we reviewed Ring Automotive’s RAC630 12V Digital Air Compressor. This year, it won the Auto Express award for best mini air compressor – so what is a 12V digital air compressor?

In plain English, it is a electric tyre pump that you plug in to your car’s cigarette lighter.

The RAC630 has a number of useful features, including the ability to preset the pressure to which you want to inflate your tyres.

This means that all you have to do is plug it in, enter the required pressure and attach it to your tyre valves. The RAC630 automatically stops when your tyre reaches the correct pressure.

Auto Express praised the quality of the RAC630’s pump and its pressure gauge – an important feature that is often compromised on portable pumps and compressors.

Keeping your tyres correctly inflated is more important than ever – not only will they perform badly and wear out faster if they are over or under-inflated, but your fuel consumption will increase, too – not something you want with petrol prices as high as they are currently.

We liked the RAC630 when we reviewed it and Auto Express likes it too. It is the second year running a Ring compressor has won the test – last year, the 630’s predecessor won the award.

At the time of writing, you can pickup a Ring Automotive RAC630 air compressor on Amazon (Amazon⇒) or eBay (eBay⇒) for no more than £20 – making it excellent value.

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