Winter Is Coming – Is Your Windscreen Ready?

Scraping ice from car windscreen

Chips and cracks in car windscreens are a fact of life – but do you realise how IMPORTANT it is to get them repaired? The good news is that it’s also surprisingly easy.

In this newsletter we’ll take you though how to repair and replace your windscreen, and more importantly we’ll explain why it’s essential that any windscreen damage you do have is sorted out NOW before we get any winter weather.

Damaged car windscreen

Windscreen Damage Gets Worse In Winter

In freezing winter weather, water seeps into chips and cracks in your windscreen, then as the temperature drops the water gradually freezes.

We all know what happens when water freezes – it expands! This then forces the glass to expand, and you can imagine what effect this has on your already damaged windscreen. Chips and cracks get bigger and make your windscreen weaker and potentially dangerous.

So now you’re thinking – wow, I’d just not thought about that. Can my windscreen be repaired and how do I go about doing it? Read on…

Can My Windscreen Be Repaired?


Cracks in a windscreen cannot be fixed. However, chips can often be repaired, depending on their size and position.

Autoglass® has an excellent damage assessment tool on its website that enables you to see whether your damage can be repaired – click here to see if your windscreen can be repaired.

Windscreen Chips – The Facts

Car windscreen being repaired

  • Many windscreen chips can be fixed so that the windscreen is as good as new. This saves you a hefty cost over having a new windscreen – one of the bonuses of fixing a chip before it gets worse!
  • Chip repair is usually free on your insurance and will not normally affect your no-claims discount*.
  • Chips larger than a £2 coin cannot usually be fixed.
  • Depending on the position of the chip, it can cause an automatic MOT failure.

Windscreen Cracks – The Facts

  • If your windscreen is cracked, it will need replacing – cracks cannot be repaired.
  • Depending on the location of the crack, it may be an automatic MOT failure.
  • Windscreen replacement is normally covered by your insurance and will not affect your no-claims discount*. You will probably have to pay a ‘glass excess’ – check your policy documents for details.

What Should I Do Now?

If your windscreen has any chips or cracks in it, they need to be sorted out as soon as possible. The first thing to do is to see if your windscreen can be fixed.

Fix your car windscreen

*This is true for most car insurance policies, but can vary. Check with your insurance company if you are unsure.

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