Practical Driving Test

The practical driving test is based around a 40 minute driving session in which you are required to perform a number of set exercises. Your driving should demonstrate that you understand the Highway Code and can drive safely at all times.

Before you get behind the wheel at the beginning of the test, however, you will have to carry out two other checks:

  • Eyesight test – read a licence plate from a certain distance. If you need glasses to do this, you must wear them at all points during the test and whenever else you drive – this is a legal requirement (click here for full details of the eyesight test).

  • Show Me, Tell Me – this amusingly named part of the test is designed to test whether you know how to carry out some basic vehicle safety checks – such as checking tyre pressure or oil levels. You will be asked two questions.

To learn more about the specific requirements of the practical driving test, click here to visit the website.

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Watch this short video on the practical driving test:

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