Car Manufacturers Should Be Fitting All-Season Tyres To Most UK Cars – Not Summer Tyres

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Media Information: 21st December 2010

Car manufacturers should stop fitting summer tyres to all cars sold in the UK and start taking advantage of modern tyre technologies by fitting all-season tyres to most models, says motoring website

Over the last 30 years, the vast majority of the UK has experienced a ground frost on more than 100 days a year, on average*. The UK does not have Mediterranean summers, either – outside the London area, the average UK temperature in the summer months is no more than 17°C*.

The winter of 2010/11 is set to be the second consecutive winter where the UK has experienced much more snow and lower temperatures than usual. Predictably, there has been much traffic disruption and much talk in the media about whether motorists should switch to winter tyres in winter, as they do in many European countries.

Although winter tyres work well, using them would require motorists to switch tyres twice a year – an expensive and unpopular move that believes is also unnecessary.

“The UK’s seasons are not extreme enough for most drivers to need summer and winter tyres”, says founder Roland Head. “Car tyre technology has moved on and modern all-season tyres are capable of offering UK motorists the best of both worlds – reasonable grip in snow and ice plus acceptable performance and wear rates in summer.”

The vast majority of UK driving is done in moderate conditions. Full winter tyres are not a necessity, but the majority of drivers who have driven in snow with summer tyres will have suffered as a result of the lack of grip provided by these tyres, which are not designed for use in temperatures below 7°C.

Critics of all-season tyres point out that in summer, they do not provide the same level of absolute grip as summer tyres. While this is true, this advantage is cancelled out by the poor performance and increased braking distances of summer tyres in winter – whereas all-season tyres will cope more consistently all-year round.

Most leading tyre manufacturers now offer all-season tyres for cars, 4x4s and vans. believes that it is time for car manufacturers to start fitting these to UK specification vehicles in order to provide a safe, reliable tyre performance all year round.


*Met Office historical climate data.

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