Warns Drivers To Check Law Before Driving In Europe

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Media Information: 18th January 2011

Every year, thousands of British drivers may unwittingly commit driving offences when driving on the continent, according to motoring website Although the majority of traffic law is similar throughout the EU, many drivers do not realise that there are significant differences.

One example is radar detectors, which some UK drivers use to provide advance warning of speed cameras. Such devices are illegal in France – even carrying one in the car is an offence and anyone caught will be fined and may have the device confiscated.

Similarly, in Germany, anyone using a satellite navigation unit that shows fixed speed camera locations on its map must disable this functionality or not carry the device. Drivers are also required to adapt their cars to weather conditions – which can include having sufficient anti-freeze for their windscreen washer system to work and using all-season or winter tyres in snow and ice conditions. founder Roland Head is keen to stress that on the whole, driving in Europe is a pleasure. “I love driving on the continent. Traffic levels are often lower than in the UK and the scenery is often better. However, it is important to understand that different countries may have different laws to those you are used to in the UK. A little preparation can save a lot of trouble.” provides a European driving guide that covers preparing your car for a trip abroad, equipment you may need to carry, and where to find out the latest information on country-specific driving rules. Taking care of all of this before you leave means that you are free to enjoy driving in Europe without worrying about inadvertently breaking any rules or being caught unprepared.


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