500,000 Reasons To Take Care Of Your Car’s Battery

The RAC attended 500,000 battery-related breakdowns in 2012 — and most of them are caused by daft errors — we’ve all done it — like leaving your lights on.

It’s a remarkably consistent problem — in 2011, the AA attended 450,000 battery-related breakdowns.

The record was set on the 25th April 2012, when the RAC attended a record 263 battery-related breakdowns caused by drivers leaving their lights on.

So is your car’s battery about to leave you stranded, or is it in good health?

The current cold snap is likely to lead to an extra burst of flat batteries, because car batteries tend to perform less well in very cold weather and drivers place more demands on them, running windscreen wipers, demisters, headlights and heaters at full whack as soon as the engine is started.

So what can you do to prevent it? I’ve written a guide to jump-starting you car here, but if you don’t fancy that — and caution is recommended, you can cause damage — then here are some tips from the RAC to help you avoid falling victim to a flat battery yourself:

Car Battery Maintenance Infographic

Car Battery Maintenance – An infographic by the RAC Breakdown Team’s Car Battery specialists.

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