Can’t Afford A Bigger Car? Get A Roof Box!

It’s that time of year when packing the car for the summer holiday suddenly turns out to be a little more difficult than expected.

Childrens toys, clothes, camping equipment, food – the list is endless and, somehow, it’s all ‘essential’.

Many family cars – such as the Ford Focus – are fine for everyday use but don’t really have very big boots. It’s not difficult to fill them up – and it isn’t always safe or possible to just chuck stuff in the back, especially if you’ve got children (when carrying luggage in the rear of a car instead of the boot, always consider what might happen in the event of an accident or sudden stop – large or heavy objects moving around inside the car can be very dangerous)

A roof box is often a much more practical and safe solution. For a relatively modest cost, the luggage capacity of your car can be increased considerably – without compromising on passenger comfort or safety.

It’s true that roof boxes increase fuel consumption, but for occasional use, this probably isn’t a big issue. Heavily-loaded cars use more fuel anyway, so the difference may not be that great.

Choosing & Fitting A Roof Box

Roof boxes are generally fitted to a roof rack that you will need to purchase separately. If you’ve got an estate car, you’ll probably already have roof rails running the length of the car – all you then need is roof bars to put across roof – your roof box will then fasten to these bars.

Roof boxes are generally made from moulded plastic and are normally lockable. They come in all shapes and sizes and their capacity is measured in litres – as car boots are. This makes it easy to compare different roof boxes for size and also to compare them to your existing car boot for size.

Remember To Remove Them Afterwards!

Roof boxes do cause increased fuel consumption (even when empty) so remember to remove them when you aren’t using them. Driving around with an empty roof box is just burning money!

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