Caravan & Trailer Tyres – A Warning

Car towing a caravan - note that the caravan is pretty much level

If you’re the owner of a caravan or trailer, then you may want to take a look at its tyres.

Caravan and trailer tyres often get neglected because owners assume that the low mileage they do means they won’t wear out as fast as car tyres.

Unfortunately, it’s not just mileage that causes wear and tear to tyres.

Sun Burn

Tyres are quite vulnerable to UV damage – rather like human skin, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will age and crack rubber tyres, leaving them stiffer and more brittle than they should be. This increases the chances of a dangerous failure while under tow, such as a high-speed blowout.

Regular use helps to prevent this, as the flexing of the tyre as it rolls along the road helps to prevent the formation of cracks and keep the tyre nice and flexible. When left to stand for an extended period of time, caravans and trailers should really jacked up off their wheels and the wheels should be covered or removed to prevent damage from UV rays and from deformation resulting from the weight of the trailer being in one position for so long.

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

We all like the bracing air of the seaside and the UK’s beautiful coastline is positively littered with caravan parks. However, as anyone who has spent some time living on the coast knows, the air tends to be much saltier than inland and that salt can cause problems – not least with caravan tyres that are left to stand all winter in the salty air.

The salt speeds up the deterioration of the rubber and owners of caravans that spend their lives on the coast may find that their tyres need replacing sooner than they would inland.

It’s worth emphasisng that cracked tyres do need replacing – regardless of how much tread is left on them. If you’re unsure, get your tyres inspected by a tyre fitter and replace them if necessary. The cost of a new pair of caravan tyres is nothing compared to the consequences of a high speed blowout on a busy motorway or while abroad.

For a comprehensive guide to inspecting and understanding caravan tyres, visit the TyreSafe Website

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