How To Give Way To ‘Blue Lights’

Blue lights on ambulance roofMany drivers don’t really know the correct way to respond to emergency vehicles that are trying to pass with ‘blue lights’ — on an emergency journey.

Probably the most common question is ‘Can I go through a red light to get out of the way?’ (No — only if a uniformed police officer directs you to).

The general advice is keep calm, keep it safe and don’t break the law — you aren’t allowed to. However, what is appropriate varies in different situations and isn’t always easy to describe. Fortunately, a new video has been produced by GEM Motoring Assist that shows you how to give way in different situations. It’s short and very useful — I would strongly recommend you take a look:

One important point I took away from this video is that sometimes, the best approach is to do nothing. Just keep on going, at the speed limit if it’s safe to do so, and wait for a suitable opportunity to stop or allow the emergency vehicle to overtake you.

The most important thing is to behave in a calm and predictable way. Use indicators to show your intentions and remember that the blue light driver can’t read your mind and needs to stay safe too — they won’t want to overtake on blind bends, for example.

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