Selling Your Car? A Little Effort Can Make A Big Difference

Selling a car privately?

Lots of people do. Some of them fail to get any interest, but don’t see why.

Let me help.

One thing almost all used car dealers have in common is that they pay someone to valet their cars before they go on sale – inside and out. This is a cost to them, so they don’t do it just for the good of their health.

Equally, it’s clear that just cleaning a car thoroughly doesn’t change any of the following:

  • Its market value
  • Its reliability
  • Any faults
  • Its service history (or the lack of it)
  • Its mileage, age or number of owners
  • The desirability of the make and model of the car

So if valeting a car before sale doesn’t affect any of the things above, why bother?

The answer is obvious – presentation. Dirt, grime, scratches and leftover snack food on the rear seats are a big turn off. Your brain knows that they are only superficial but you still don’t want to see them when you are spending a lot of money.

So why do some people think that the same rules don’t apply when they are selling a car privately?

A man who lives on my street recently bought a new car and decided to sell his old car privately. The car in question was a small hatchback, about 10 years old. It would have made a good first car for a young driver or a cheap runabout/second car for a family.

He placed a notice in the window listing most of its good points, recent work carried out, the mileage and the price – so far so good. What he didn’t do was prepare the car for sale.

He didn’t wash it on the outside.

He didn’t clean or tidy it on the inside.

He definitely didn’t polish or T-Cut the paintwork to bring it up like new or black the plastic trim.

He didn’t sell the car, either.

If you’d like to know more about how to sell a car privately, click here to read my Simple Guide To Selling Your Car.

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