How To Value Your Car For Part Exchange or Private Sale

Accurately working out a fair value for a car when buying or selling can be difficult, as most people only tend to buy a car every few years and don’t bother much about car prices in between those times.

The car trade has two major advantages over the car-buying public when it comes to valuing cars – not only do they do it every day, but they have a book to look it up in!

Glass’s Guide is the bible of the car trade and currently has prices for around 82,000 car models in its system, dating back many years. Five prices are provided for each car in Glass’s Guide:

  • Private selling price
  • Three trade-in values – for excellent, average and below average condition
  • Dealer retail price

According to Glass’s, 9 out of 10 dealers use its guide to price used cars. The good news is that this information is now available to members of the public, too. You can now get a Glass’s valuation for a used car from the Glass’s Guide website for just £3.95. This will enable you to approach buying or selling a car with confidence in its correct value – so you will know where to aim when haggling on price.

Glass’s has also just launched an iPhone App which is free to download and will provide valuations to your iPhone for the same £3.95 cost as its standard internet valuations.

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