Improve Fuel Economy Without Changing Your Car

In these days of ever-rising fuel prices, drivers are starting to think more and more about reducing their fuel consumption.

Most people tend to associate this with the purchase of a new, more efficient car – possibly a smaller model – but it isn’t necessary to go to these extremes. Chances are you can improve the fuel efficiency of your current car by as much as 5%-10%, just by taking one or two positive steps.

1. Develop Fuel-Saving Driving Techniques

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t mean driving around at low speeds all the time. Instead, it’s all about planning ahead, using your car’s gears effectively and not wasting engine effort – which means wasting fuel.

Techniques such as ‘brake to slow, gear to go’ and using your gears effectively can make a surprising difference – as can correct tyre pressures and changing the way you use your car slightly.

You can see some of our recommended green driving tips here.

2. Make Sure Your Car Is In Tip-Top Condition

You should have your car serviced regularly anyway, but even if you do, you car’s fuel system may not be as clean and efficient as it was when it was new.

That’s why Nationwide Autocentres has developed its unique Fuel Service – a service that is designed to clean out your car’s fuel system and ensure that your car is setup to provide optimum fuel efficiency.

As well as a fuel system cleaner, it includes checks on tyre condition and pressure, oil level and condition, brake condition and exhaust emissions, which are checked at the beginning and end of the service to show the difference that the fuel service makes.

A fuel service only costs £15 if you book it at the same time as a car service, or £35 on its own. If your car is a few years old and has some miles under its belt, it could be worthwhile.

Click here to visit the Nationwide Autocentres website

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