Selling your car? Don’t #epicfail with these photo mistakes

Taking pictures of your car for an advert is simple, right? Apparently not. As these photos show, some car owners seem to have forgotten that first impressions count when it comes to closing a deal.

The cryptic approach
This car owner is taking a cryptic approach. Exactly what is for sale here?

Car-buying service Wizzle has put together a collection of photos showing what not to do when taking photos of your car — plus a few tips on how to take pro-style pictures that will attract buyers.

Wizzle founder, Sébastien Duval, said:

“There are countless used cars displayed online and in print at any one moment so it goes without saying that you need to show your car to its best advantage.

“That means making the best first impression possible, so the buyer is hooked even before they’ve checked the condition description and all the features.”

Without further ado, here are a few of Wizzle’s epic fail car advert pics:

Don't keep buyers in the dark
Don’t keep buyers in the dark.
A distant view
Is this CCTV footage or a car for sale? Getting up close and personal shows you care.
Photo through closed window
How about opening the door before taking a photo. This tells me you’d forgetten the keys and didn’t care. Or perhaps it’s not actually your car. Either way, I won’t be calling.
Picture of phone photo
Here’s a pic of my car from my phone. It’s the one I used to show my mates when it was new. Because I’m in the bath/in bed/at work and I don’t care that much about this ad. And it looks a lot scruffier than that now. Lol.
A clear view is useful
A clear view of the car is useful. What’s this wall hiding?
Here's how it should be done
Here’s how it should be done. A clean car that fills the frame and provides a clear view of what’s for sale.

If I was looking for a car to buy, I’d be likely to ignore all the cars in the photos on this page — except for the last one.

Why bother dealing with someone who isn’t interested in providing clear information and pictures about the car they’re selling? The seller may be trying to hide something.

There are lots of good cars around — if you’d like some tips on how to find them, then check out our Simple Guide to Buying A Car.

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