Video: How To Get A Glass-Smooth Finish On Car Paintwork

Have you ever stroked your hand across you car’s paintwork and found that the surface feels rough – even after you’ve washed it?

If so, you car’s paintwork is probably suffering from ‘bonded surface contaminants’, to use the jargon of the car detailing (valeting) world. To you and I, this means that airborne dirt like sap, metal particles (caused by metal being cut nearby) and other such dirt has embedded itself in your paintwork and is now ruining its finish.

The good news is that it’s surprisingly easy to fix this problem and get a glass-smooth finish again. One of the tried and tested methods of restoring car paintwork to its original finish is T-Cut – but this isn’t what I’m going to suggest. (T-Cut is a brilliant product, however, that I’d thoroughly recommend for restoring the finish on paintwork).

What I use for problems like this is a product known as ‘clay’. It’s not actually clay – in fact, it feels more like plasticine although I’ve no idea what it actually is. What it does is to pick up all the particles that are stuck to your paintwork and lift them off – for the ladies out there, it’s a bit like exfoliating skin!

Here’s a video showing how I used a clay cleaning kit to remove rusty metal particles from the paintwork of my van. (Note that this isn’t rusty bodywork, the metal particles are simply lodged in the paintwork and need removing):

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