Use Our 9-Point Checklist To See If Your Car Is Ready For Winter

Scraping ice from a car windscreenThe cold weather finally seems to have arrived across most of the UK, with frosts making their first appearance in my area this week.

This means that you will once more have to wield ice scrapers and anti-freeze sprays before you can set off to work in the mornings.

It’s all too easy to be unprepared after a long summer season, so make sure you and your car are ready with the Winter Motoring Checklist:

  1. Keep an ice scraper in the car – even if you use anti-freeze spray, a scraper is a useful fallback. Remember to clear all the windows before you set off;
  2. Make sure your tyres are correctly inflated and have plenty of tread left;
  3. Keep your windscreen washer topped up with plenty of anti-freeze solution;
  4. Check all your car’s lights are working – you will be making many of your journeys in darkness once the clocks go back next weekend;
  5. Check your car’s windscreen wiper blades are in good condition and work well – if not, replace them;
  6. If your car is due a service, get it done. If not, consider having a free 5-Point Winter Check at Halfords or booking in for a 12-Point Winter Inspection at Halfords Autocentres (both of these include a battery test);
  7. Consider a set of snow socks or even winter tyres if you do a lot of essential motoring;
  8. If your car battery is old (more than 5/6 years) or unreliable, consider replacing it. Battery performance is worse in cold weather and it will probably leave you stranded at some point.
  9. Keep plenty of fuel in the tank – that way, if you get stranded anywhere, you will be able to leave the engine running to keep you warm.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a much better chance of enjoying a winter of safe, trouble-free motoring.

Of course, if conditions get too bad, consider whether you really need to make your journey. If it’s local, why not walk instead? If it is not local, then be sure to check out road and traffic conditions before you go. For A roads and motorways, the best sources of information are these traffic websites (for local information, tune into your BBC local radio station):

Got a winter motoring tip of your own? Leave a comment below.

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