You could save £30 on your car insurance for life

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If you’re like most people, I suspect that you pay extra to add Legal Cover to your car insurance policy each year. After all, the cost of about £30 seems cheap when you compare it to the potential cost of solicitors if you get in a dispute following an accident.

What you may not realise, according to motoring lawyer Lee Jones, is that:

“These policies typically cost the insurer or broker who sold you it around 50p- £1″

You insurer is making a fat profit on each legal cover policy they sell you for £30.

Lee worked in the motor insurance industry for years and says that legal expenses insurers “seldom paid out legal costs to the lawyers they appointed”. Instead, Lee says that legal cover policies are generally just used to “funnel injury claims into lawyers for kick backs to insurers and brokers”.

I’m not in a position to verify Lee Jones’ claims about the economics of motor insurance industry. But it all sounds likely enough to me.

There is another way

Lee has had enough of sitting on the sidelines. He’s set up a new service aimed at providing much cheaper motor legal cover for motorists in England, Scotland and Wales.

Free Motor Legal offers lifetime legal cover for a one-off payment of £30. According to the firm, if you’re in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you contact Free Motor Legal who arrange a team of lawyers to act on your behalf, exactly the same way the insurance companies would.

Free Motor Legal will also provide replacement hire car and manage repairs, so the member does not need to claim against their own insurance policy and therefore no excess to pay.

The only difference for you is when you buy insurance, you tick the box to say you don’t need Motor Legal Protection.

If this sounds interesting, then you can find out more at

Please note that does not have any connection with Free Motor Legal. This article is for information only — we’re not recommending any particular service. Please do your own research to make sure you have the legal cover you want for your motor insurance.

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