Ring Launches Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

Ring Automotive Emergency Tyre Repair Kit
The Ring tyre repair kit includes a pump and sealant

Up until recently, most puncture repair kits have been supplied by the manufacturer with the car they were designed to be used with.

In reality, of course, these products were all virtually the same, but it was a nice way for car dealers to earn a little extra profit on the cars they sold without spare wheels.

Luckily, that situation is beginning to change, and you can now buy tyre repair kits that will work with most cars.

Ring Automotive has just launched the Ring Emergency Tyre Repair kit. This contains a 400ml tyre repair sealant aerosol that provides a temporary repair to punctured tyres up to and including 16” tyres (tyres bigger than this need more than one aerosol).

It also contains a 12V air compressor and tyre gauge that you can use to pump up the tyre and check its pressure.

The aerosol canister contains a 50 -50 mix of a propellant gas and a water based liquid latex. As the gas is forced into the tyre, it provides, depending on the tyre, up to 30 -38psi for re-inflation of the tyre. The liquid latex provides a temporary seal to the puncture.

Once the contents of the canister has been completely emptied into the deflated tyre, motorists should drive for 6-12 miles, not exceeding 30mph, to help the liquid latex uniformly coat the inside of the tyre.

This temporary repair will get a motorist home or to a garage without the need for tools or wheel changes.

Replacement cans of sealant for the Ring kit cost £7.99, which is considerably cheaper than most car manufacturers in-house models, although you might need two for some cars.

The entire kit — including the 12V tyre compressor (pump) and pressure gauge, costs £29.99.

If you are interested in getting a tyre repair kit for your car, then you can check out my review of a Ford Focus kit on this page. I’ve also published a beginner’s guide to car tyre repair kits here.

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