Survey finds 40% of motorists have dangerously flat tyres

Michelin checking tyre pressures
Michelin & Kwik Fit inspected more than 500 vehicles in Tesco car parks around the UK.

A new survey carried out by Michelin and Kwik Fit as found that almost 40% of UK motorists are driving around with at least one tyre that is “dangerously” or “very dangerously” underinflated.

The data was gathered by inspecting more than 500 cars in Tesco car parks around the UK.

Tyre giant Michelin defines a dangerously underinflated tyre as being between 7 psi and 14 psi below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. If it’s more than 14 psi below recommendation, it becomes “very dangerous”.

Driving on underinflated tyres carries several risks.

  • Your car’s handling and braking performance will be adversely affected
  • Fuel consumption will rise by around 1 mpg for a tyre that’s 7 psi underinflated, according to Michelin
  • Underinflated tyres will wear out much faster than a tyre that’s correctly inflated

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said:

“Checking tyre pressure is as important as checking tread depth, as tyres at the wrong pressure will compromise handling, grip and braking. As well as the significant safety issues, incorrectly inflated tyres will hit drivers in the pocket through excessive fuel consumption and increased tyre wear.”

Here at, we’ve been banging on about tyres for years. It seems that many motorists just don’t know (or don’t care) that their tyres need regular attention, even though these hand-sized patches of rubber are the only thing that connects your car to the road, keeping you safe.

Michelin and Kwik Fit recommend that you check your car’s tyre pressures every fortnight. While you’re doing it, take a look at the condition of the tread and look for any bulges or tears in each tyre.

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